Body Extreme HD: Application coachwork or Chassis

Along with degreasing, it is the most important factor in any application.
  • Raise the vehicle on the bridge work.
  • Be sure to apply plenty of water with high pressure, preferably using a type Hidro-Jet team. The tip of the water jet should approach about 10 centimeters from the surface, to ensure that the force of water actually peel off any soil or dust. Washing with water at low pressure is not enough, unless the all-new vehicles. There are critical points such as flanges edges of the fenders, which normally are not "reached" car washes in common. These points tend to collect dirt and moisture, so corrode faster. Logically, you should be extra careful in them.
This step is absolutely necessary. Use a degreaser industrial base citrusy Out-Grease or Citrikleen, diluting 1: 3 to 1:10 parts water, as required. If you are using another brand of degreaser, check containing no petroleum solvents or kerosene, since they leave residues that affect adherence. Apply degreaser using air gun, taking care that reaches all necessary areas and let stand about 5 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Repeat this step if necessary. Remove excess water by blowing air.
  • Identify unprotected areas on the underside of the vehicle and those that bring anti-noise protection manufacturer. Of course, put more care to apply the product on the first. BODY EXTREMEHD Apply evenly on both and inching in one hand to a thickness of about 1 millimeter.
  • A visual guide to estimate the proper thickness is to be observed that the applied film form a texture as "orange peel"; if not, the thickness is probably very low.
  • You can use a plastic hose coupled to the output of the gun or a small stretch of brass tube of 5 mm diameter threaded into the tip of the gun (with a maximum of 15 cm in length), bending curve as needed to reach difficult places.
  • The air pressure should be 30 to 40 psi about. A higher air pressure generated by the "bounce" of the product, which results in product waste and staining the operator. In addition, the impact drops too hard and small "craters" low thickness, which are not recommended are created.
Once the application of the Total Coat BODY EXTREMEHD complete, use a flashlight or portable light to check the following:
  • Note the homogeneity of the formed film. In particular, very thin thickness (no appearance of "orange peel"). Re-apply discretion (no need to wait until the product is dry to re-apply).
  • Verify that there were "unprotected" areas.
  • Pass the bare hand over the vehicle's paint in areas close to the application; Thus, if there has been a warmup griseado product, they feel to touch the small drops that sometimes are not observed with the naked eye. In this case, rub a cloth soaked in water to remove.
  • While the product look bluish gray means no hasecado. Do not let it get wet before completely dry.
  • Avoid Customer deliver the vehicle to circulate in the rain before it has dried completely.
  • The cleaning of the spray gun is easily accomplished by passing water through it to achieve lose their white appearance and exit completely clear. Do not allow the product to dry inside the gun as it will be very difficult to remove.
1. Does the plasticized with HD Extreme Body is like an asphalt?
No. The plasticized with far superior because it offers a true noise damping effect. In addition, it is resistant to impacts and not diluted with solvent.

2. How does it work?
The product generates a very elastic and flexible film that works as a buffer of acoustic vibrations and noise impacts generated by the gravel road.

3. What are the advantages of rubber products / asphalt?
noise damping is much higher, and the durability of the results. Original corrosion protection and anti-gravel is really reinforced. The sleek look is permanent. No traps dust. treatment is not lost when applied solvents (oil type) in car washes. It is environmentally friendly and free of odors. The application is limpia.Puede be painted.

4. What are the advantages for the applicator?
The application is absolutely safe, they do not generate pollutants or toxic waste. The workplace remains clean and 100% free of solvents or odors. It requires no investment in equipment and product consumption chassis vehicles is very low (2 to 4 kg. On average) only six to eight containers x drawer pickup.

5. How does it apply?
It comes ready to use. the application gun types Schutz is coupled directly into the container. All that is required is an air line with 30 to 40 psi. No shake or dilute.

6. Can dilute the product with water or solvents?
No. The product is incompatible with solvents. In the case of water, should not be diluted, as dripping or undesirable runoff is generated.

7. What to do when stains or splashes occur accidentally?
immediately Rub a damp cloth to remove the product. If product gets on clothing, wash with water immediately, because once dry is impossible to remove tissue.

8. What is the recommended application thickness?
generally 1 millimeter. do not allow smaller thicknesses offer true noise damping. thicker than 2 mm are not justified. It is easy to know that the thickness is correct to observe the formation of an appearance of "orange peel" in the texture of the coating during application.

9. Is it really necessary cleaning and / or degreasing in all cases?
Absolutely yes. The adhesion of the product is very sensitive to the presence of dust or oily residues. Never trust